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A nother one of our specialties is IceStone® Surfaces.
IceStone® durable surfaces are made from recycled glass and concrete.

This product is produced by an environmentally friendly manufacturing process in a daylit factory in Brooklyn, New York. Our goal is to be the top choice for green countertops by producing beautiful materials that rival the strength of quarried stone, yet actively reduce the waste stream by redirecting glass from landfills to be used in our product.
Product Info

IceStone® products are the ideal choice for green kitchen countertops. They're also a great option for backsplashes, bathrooms, vanities, bathroom dividers, tabletops, interior walls, and commercial flooring applications. Beautiful shower surrounds and bathtubs could be made with IceStone® durable surface material. It can be shaped, cut water jet, inlaid, mounted vertically or horizontally. While there are 24 standard colors available, the color palette is infinite.

We can make IceStone® surfaces in almost any color because we can add pigment to the background mix, and then select from a variety of sizes and colors of glass. Customers love the consistency and flexibility of IceStone® surface material as they can put it on a floor, wrap it up a wall and then place it on the countertop.

IceStone® durable surfaces are strong like granite, not as porous as marble and heat-resistant like stone. The chemical composition is benign and 99.5% inorganic making it a very safe material from the standpoint of toxicity and fire resistance. Third party testing results are available upon request. The fabrication, installation and maintenance of IceStone® surfaces follow essentially the same process as used with natural stone.

Due to its high recycled content and Cradle to Cradle Certification, IceStone® materials can be used towards LEED points.
IceStone is committed to a Sustainable Future

Due to the VOC-free, high recycled content and Cradle to Cradle™ certification, IceStone durable surfaces are ideal for projects seeking LEED certification.
Color Palette

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