Frank (Deceased)

Frank was born and raised in Orsigliadi, Italy. He grew up working very hard with his hands. He worked on the family farm, built Fiat’s in Torino, and worked with natural stone with his uncle.

Frank came to the United States in 1967 and became an American Citizen. Since natural stone was not widely used at this time in residential applications, he started a ceramic tile business. Frank introduced the most beautiful tiles from around the world to the York County area.

He slowly introduced Marble & Granite slab processing to the area with the fabrication of door sills, fireplace surrounds, and eventually countertops. Frank was the first to start a slab fabrication shop in the area.

Frank saw the future of granite countertops way before anyone thought it was even possible. He slowly got out of the tile business and expanded the slab fabrication shop to be able to accommodate the future of countertops, to today having a state of the art facility able to produce second to none quality and craftsmanship. Exemplifying his expertise of working with natural stone in Italy and teaching everything he knew to his son Carmine.

On November 29th, 2017, Frank was in a tragic accident that took his life. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends and the community that loved him so much.

Carmela (Frank's Wife)
Carmela was born in Orsigliadi, Italy and raised in Milano, Italy. She pursued her studies in art and design. After getting married, she came to the United States with Frank and together they started their new life in a new world. Encouraging Frank with his business venture, they together created what is today a successful business. Carmela’s artistic background is valuable in helping customers with color and design decisions.
Carmine (Frank & Carmela's Son)
Carmine was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania. From the time he was a little boy, Frank had him on the jobsites. After school, weekends, and summer vacations, Frank had him working, teaching him the ins and outs of natural stone.
After graduating from Dallastown Area High School, Carmine went to Penn State York Campus. Taking classes for mechanical engineering and continuing to work in his father’s business as much as he could. After a few years of classes, Carmine decided he liked working with his hands and felt his talents were needed in the stone industry. He chose to stop taking classes and gave 100% of his efforts in the family business.
Helping Frank grow the natural stone business, Carmine went to Italy to train for some of the new technology in stone fabrication machinery. Bringing back with him to the Susquehanna Valley the areas 1st Stone CNC machine.
Today Carmine is involved in every aspect and process of the business.
Diane (Frank & Carmela's Daughter)
Diane was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Dallastown Area High School and graduated from Penn State with a Kinesiology Degree. She currently works full time in the field she went to school for and works for the family business on a part time basis.


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