Granite is cut from the quarry in a block, similar to a block of cheese. This block is then shipped to a slab producer. Here they slice the block into 3cm (apprx. 1 ¼”) thick slabs using a 30 foot diamond blade or diamond wire.

These slabs are kept in order as they are sliced so they can continue through the process in the same order as they were cut. The slabs are then laid flat and the grinding / polishing process begins. The use of diamonds from coarse grit to fine grit are used to achieve the smoothness and eventually a polished surface.

In between the different stages of polishing, most granites are coated with an epoxy resin. They are then placed in a vacuum chamber so the resin can be vacuumed through the granite and into the micro fissures and natural cracks of the stone. The slabs are then baked in an oven so the resin can cure rock hard inside of the stone. Once cured, the excess resin on the surface of the slab is ground off and surface polishing resumes. The resin process helps strengthen the stone so that it can be shipped from wherever in the world to the United States without the probability of it breaking mid transit. This process has allowed many exotic types of granite not previously available to us, available. This process also helps close many of the natural pores, making granite even less porous and less susceptible to stains. Please note that this is not a perfect process, natural fissures are sometimes still visible and may be able to be felt to the touch.

The polished granite is then inspected, stacked standing up in the same order it was cut from the block, and prepared for loading on a container. The container is then loaded on a boat and shipped to our ports. After the container is processed through Homeland Security, it is released and shipped to our warehouse.
We then place the slabs on A-Frames for easy viewing so you can select the shipment your kitchen will come from. All the slabs in a bundle are the same, other than the 1 ¼” difference. Remember, they were cut from a block, similar to cutting a slice of cheese.

Once your job is ready, we will come to your home or business and make a digital template. This state of the art templating device ensures a more accurate measurement. We then bring the digital files back to our shop and enter them into our computer system. Physical templates are then made and are laid out on the slab, where our experienced fabricators begin the cutting process.

The cut pieces enter our CNC machine and are shaped, routered, and polished. Once out of the CNC machine, pieces get that final touch by hand to create a masterpiece. Finished pieces are then sealed at our shop. Our installation crew will then bring the completed job to your home. After installation, they put another application of sealer in the stone.

The normal turn around time from template to installation is approximately 10 working days. Please note, we DO NOT use subcontractors. Templaters, fabricators, and installers are all our employees.

You can be assured of a quality job done right the first time.


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