is a group of stones that formed from liquid magma that cooled slowly over billions of years and created a substance approaching the hardness and durability of diamond. These different types of stone include Quartz (25 – 40%), Feldspar (50% or greater), and Mica (3 – 10%), and some other types depending on the region. These stones were fused together and solidified deep within the earth under extreme pressure, creating a very hard and durable stone ideal for countertops and other applications. The only stone harder than granite is diamond.

Heat Proof:
No need to worry about burning your counter. You can take a hot pot right from the oven and place it onto your granite surface without creating any damage.

Stain Resistant: By nature granite is very dense and repels most spills. We apply an impregnating sealer on every piece we fabricate to help staining from occurring. We import our sealer from Italy and it lasts at least 10 – 15 years. Although this sounds good, the consumer should understand that sealer IS NOT a coating that sits on the granite surface. It is a chemical that sits inside the granite that helps break down liquids that sit on granite long enough to darken. As it breaks down the liquid, it helps the evaporation process happen a little faster than if it were not sealed. Although staining is rare, and we have never personally seen a piece of granite stain, it may be possible. If granite were to stain, the use of a poultice may be used to lift the stain out (this is not a guaranteed method for all types of stains on all types of stones). Contact a professional if you feel you have a stain. The best thing to do is to clean up the excess liquid and let it dry. Do NOT cover the darkened area. It needs to breathe, and this will allow it to evaporate. Oil based liquids will take longer to evaporate than water based liquids.

Scratch Resistant:
With normal use, granite will not scratch. Although you can cut on your granite, you will dull your cutlery.


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