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Product FAQs

Do the 2 minute water test. Spill a puddle of water on your countertop (away from the sink area) and let it sit for 2 to 5 minutes. Then wipe up the puddle. If it left a dark wet spot, it may be time for resealing.

Granite is Natural. It has natural pits, fissures and other imperfections that are part of its characteristic. You WILL feel these. Every color has a different mineral composition, therefore, they will all have a different feel. Some have more pits than others. Remember, it’s a NATURAL stone.

I will be blunt here… unless you are okay with scratches, stains and etching on your counters, we do not recommend getting marble for your countertops.

A customer that gets marble understands these issues above and can live with them as they happen, as there is no fixing it.

Template / Installation FAQs

In general, no. With most existing countertops, we can template with your existing tops still in. Every project is different, we will let you know if you need to do something different than the norm. The only thing we ask is that you clear off “The Stuff” from the surface of your tops so our digital measuring device can properly scan the precise measurements.

Once we come up with an installation date, you will have the plumber disconnect the day before our installation and come back to reconnect the day after our installation. This allows everything we do to dry overnight.

Obviously the sink cabinet will need to be emptied out for all the plumbing. Normally the top drawers are taken out in order to get the old tops out. Underneath that, it’s up to you. Some people clean up afterwards, some people take everything out and some people cover everything up with bed sheets.

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