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Will My Counter Top Have Seams and will i see it?

Determination of seams depends on slab size, slab vein direction, the size of your counter, ease of entry into your home and of course the safety of everyone involved. We try to make and install the largest piece possible, however, seams are usually inevitable in larger or hard to enter kitchens.

Sometimes we are asked prior to template if we can determine if there will be a seam. We can usually determine this ahead of time, however, final determination will be decided after we come to template your project. At this time we will also determine the best location for the seam based on all the factors above.

If a seam is needed, we use the best and most up to date technology available to make the seam as inconspicuous as possible. Seams ARE NOT invisible and you will feel them slightly. Depending on the color of the stone, some seams are less visible, you will always see a small line where the seam is. Natural stone is not perfectly flat, therefore making the seam have a slight feel to it.

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