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The process

Getting An Estimate​

The quickest way to get an estimate is to make a drawing of your countertops with all the dimensions. They don’t need to be exact, just close. Draw your layout as if you’re looking down from the ceiling, like a blueprint. Measure ALL longest point dimensions. Bring that layout with you when you come for your appointment with us or email it to us.

Use Our Helpful Layout Sheet

Feel free to use our layout sheet to use as a guide. If you are not comfortable drawing your kitchen and want us to stop out and measure it for you, please call into our office to schedule this. This may take a little longer and we do have a travel distance limitation for this service.

Selecting Your Stone

Whether you’re coming for the first time or the fifth time, we recommend you come prepared. You want to make sure you bring samples or swatches of anything you can to help us help you when selecting a color, for example: Cabinet door or drawer, paint swatch, flooring sample, etc.

We will show you around our Indoor Slab Gallery with over 60 colors to choose from.


Templating is done with a digital measuring device that scans the exact measurements of your walls and cabinets. Our technician then brings back that information and uploads it into our CAD software to make the necessary modifications and insert the sink, faucet and stove details.


Our fabrication team takes that digital template and converts everything into a CAD/CAM  software. This is where they put your project together to cut it, router the edges you selected, then hand polish those edges. This is done with ALL AMERICAN MADE State of the Art CNC Technology. We also apply the sealer (when applicable) during this time and prior to the installation.


When we come out to install your project, we treat your project as if it was our own. We attempt to make the biggest piece possible that is safe to handle. Sometimes a seam is inevitable. Seams are done with the most up to date technology, although not invisible, we do our best to make them look as good as possible. We leave you with a maintenance packet along with a daily natural stone/quartz cleaner. Cleaners are available in store or on our online store.

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